Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cleaning Up Is Hard to Do . . .

Yesterday, M and E provided this little tidbit of entertainment . . .

E: We cleaned up P's room AGAIN.
M: Yeah. We cleaned it up before and they just messed it up again.
E: So we put the Legos up high where they can't reach them.
M: They can only play with them if they ask us first.

(side not from Me -- I have put most of M & E's toys on a shelf above their reach, so they have to ask for them. This is to help them learn to put one thing back before playing with the next. Otherwise their room turns into a disaster.)

E: We want her room to stay clean.

This is where I left the room, praising their effort and trying to stiffle my giggles.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It's been coming for a while now. I was less than excited about each week's meeting, but kept our weekly appointment out of loyalty and a strange desire see how things would work out.

I approached each meeting with the slightest bit of dread. Just enough to delay but not cancel our relationship, unsure if I really wanted things to end or if I was just tired.

But it seems fate has stepped in. Just hours before what was to be our final meeting I learned from a third party that this really would be the final episode in our story. Regardless of this evening's outcome there would be no new episodes.

I feel a small sense of loss, but am relieved that the decision was removed from my control. But I am also left with so many questions. We weren't allowed to properly end our relationship. There is no closure. I just would have liked answers to a few small questions . . .

What happens to Larkin now that Tom took her to the water? What about her baby? Is Zura really dead? What about all those pushed into the water? What about the pregnant women -- do they survive the delivery? What do the "babies" look like? Where did the lights in the water come from? Are they aliens?

Monday, May 1, 2006

It's Broken - or Maybe Not

Isabelle got stepped on yesterday at church. It was an accident, but she cried long enough (not usual for her) that we headed to the emergency room. We waited 3 hours before even being seen.

After spitting up her first dose of Tylenol with Codeine, which got her the cute hospital gown, Isabelle managed to keep down the second dose. She was quickly taken for x-rays. A combination of codeine and, I'm sure, angels helped keep her still for the x-rays. She was a real trooper.

The ER pediatrician announced definitively that it was broken, had her food splinted and then sent us home with instructions to follow up with her regular pediatrician in the morning for casting.

Her regular pediatrician concurred with the diagnosis and sent us on to an orthopedic, where Isabelle threw a gold-medal-winning tantrum. She calmed down the instant they began taking off the splint. The orthopedic decided that he didn't see anything on the x-ray that need to be casted. When Isabelle didn't flinch while he examined her foot and was able to walk without signs of pain, he decided to send her home. He said if she isn't running around like nothing happened by next Monday to bring her back. He does not expect to see us again.

Isabelle fell asleep as soon as the doctor left the room. She is still asleep now. We'll see how she feels and walks when she wakes up.

But isn't this an adorable picture?