Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Recap

I'll start with Thursday when we watched the rain we desperately needed to soak the 17 pallets of new sod in our back yard slide by our house in a riotous display of wind and lightening without leaving even a drop.

Friday we again watched that rain pass us by again, although it did tease us with a few drops and even more wind.

Early Saturday morning we began the last minute preparations for M an E's 6th birthday party. $18 for a cake I could have made for a lot less, but in the end it was probably worth it -- Publix makes a great cake. Great fun was had by all. We experimented with Floam and found it lacking and altogether too sticky. We continued the rain watch well into the night hoping against the Weather Channel that said the rain was past us, even if the lightening wasn't.

We awoke Sunday to find we had received just enough rain to give the sod a fighting chance.
Somehow it rained again Sunday afternoon and here we are at Monday morning and there is even more rain (although without the fancy wind and light show).

disclaimer - no we are not complete idiots, we have been watering the sod, but a good rain gives much better coverage and it's free.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Love

I love that M thinks I'm comfortable.

I love that C is a great big brother - that P and J adore him.

I love how E rolls her eyes at me - eventually this will drive me crazy, but for now I think it's hilarious.

I love that J wants me to play with him and watch him ride his bike. I love how he sucks his thumb and holds his blanket, very much like Linus of the Peanuts.

I love P's curls and her giggle and how her eyes light up when she sees anyone of her family. I love her determination. I love that she knows where we keep her pacifiers.

One Done, One to Go

What a week. Tuesday we had sod delivered for the backyard. Finally the Septic Saga is complete. We have grass in the backyard. It took The Husband and I almost 2 hours to lay a little over one pallet of sod. It took the 13 volunteers (9 from church, my 3 brothers and a friend) just under two hours to lay 16 pallets of of sod.

Today was E and M's birthday party. We are very old-fashioned and have home parties. We don't rent bouncers or water slides. We do a pinata (next year I really need to buy a bat to whack the pinata with), cake and ice cream, some sort of game and open presents. We had small turnout - only 3 of the 10 invited. But at least it was one mutal friend and one girl from each of E and M's classes.

Now on to planning J's party. Thankfully we only have kid birthdays in 2 months so I only have to deal with this stress twice a year.

I promise I will work harder to blog more regularly and have more interesting topics.

For now I'm going to spend some quiet time reading. I'm nearly finished with The Husband by Dean Koontz. I'll give you a review soon.

What are you reading now? I'm always on the hunt for good books.

Friday, June 9, 2006

Feminist I'm Not

I'm considering changing doctors for what boils down to one reason - my doctor, a woman with 2 children would like to "have it all" (and by the way her husband is a surgeon which I suppose it both good and bad). She works 3 days a week, and it seems like those days are only mornings or at least not full days. Which means that if I am sick and can't make my appointment 2 weeks in advance I cannot get into see her because she will either be completely booked (why don't they leave a few holes in the schedule for sickies, the ped's office does, or maybe they do, but they get booked up fast too) or not in the office at all. Which leaves me with a slight chance that I could get in with her PA, but often find that she's also booked up. And the the offer of seeing another doctor in the group has never been made (again this is standard practice at the ped's office).

So I am leaving her for another doctor - another woman doctor, who has one child and will be in the office 4 full days a week. Hopefully this works out better. If not I just might have to go back to seeing the male doctor I use to see. Even if I do have to wait forever, at least I can always get an appointment.