Friday, July 18, 2008

That Can't Be Real

Earlier this week while taking 4 to the doctor, we saw some giant pink flowers. I was sure they must be a sculpture or similar, because I'd never seen anything that big before. Being in a bit of a hurry for the appointment, we decided to investigate on our way home.

On our way home we stopped in the parking lot where we had seen the flowers and indeed, they were real. 4's immediate announcement was that we should take one home. But I wanted to know what the flower was (and maybe get permission) before I hijacked a bloom. We ventured into the two nearest stores and found our answer -- a Giant Hibiscus. We were also given permission to pick a pink bloom and found two to our liking.

The Giant Hibiscus bloom was bigger than my head. Bigger than a dinner plate. They were also extremely fragile and bruised easily. But they were a joy to photograph and enjoy for the few hours they lasted.

These images really don't do justice the SIZE of this flower, but I think I did capture the beauty and intense color.

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Bruce said...

Hi, the hibiscus photos caught my attention when they came up on Blogger Play.

To emphasize the size of the flowers, on the white-background version, you might try cropping off the left third and bottom third of the image. Then do a borderless print of the cropped image. This will make the flower look like it's exploding across the page, and the implied movement will also imply the unseen remainder of the image.

The black-background image is more vetical, so that technique wouldn't work as well. Although you could crop tightly, then clone more black at the top of the image.