Saturday, March 28, 2009

Since My Last Post

-- The microwave died, we replaced it.

-- P did not get into Pre-K at the elementary school. She is #7 on the waiting list. There were tears - all mine.

-- The van died. Thankfully after we got home from taking the scouts to a Merit Badge day and not "on the way." The repair bill was just under what we were willing to pay to keep it going.

-- We discovered a mildew stain on the ceiling of the garage, right below the drain of the master shower. The plumbers say it is a very small leak, but the only way to fix it requires tearing out the floor of the shower and the bottom row of tile, but that trying to patch the tile after that would lead to a less than stellar look, so basically the whole shower will have to ripped out - down to the studs. Initial estimates also led to tears. On the plus side, the home owners insurance will help out a bit and I can probably change the color of the tile.

-- After 6 test patches I think I have finally found a color for the basement that I really like. Now to find the time to paint, preferably without 5 little helpers.

-- Next post will be much happier. Promise.

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jksfam said...

UGH! I'm sorry! I hope you pick something you like!