Friday, July 3, 2009

Have You Ever?

Realized that the way you have been doing a particular task for years - maybe decades - is not the right way? Learned that, despite having seen signs that maybe your way was not the accepted method, your method was not only wrong, but might have disastrous consequences? Accepted this new order of things only after having been confronted by an expert and performed an Internet search for verification? Come to realize that your incorrect method was due in part to never having been taught the correct way, but also due to the fact that you never made an effort to read the instructions?

Yeah, me either.


kristenhcubed said...

I'm such a lame-O and am slowly getting up on my blog reading. I love your writing!

No, I've never had that happen either. I have taught several people the "correct" way of loading silverware into the dishwasher, though.

NLK said...

Meredith, love your sense of humor. Kristen, my husband prays that someday I'll listen to his instructions on loading the dishwasher. :D