Monday, December 8, 2008

It Had to Happen Sometime

All of my kids have had a favorite blanket as babies. All of my kids still have a favorite blanket. Four of my kids still carry their blankets around the house with them. Two of my kids still like to take their blankets with them when we leave the house. The youngest occasionally adds a doll or stuffed animal that must travel with her. Occasionally the blanket and/or doll/stuffed animal must accompany us into the store.

Last Friday was such a day. P had to bring her kitty into Target with us. Half-way through our list P decided to put her kitty in the cart and carry the bread.

All was well until I asked where her kitty was as we were getting out of the van at the bank. Kitty had not made it out of the cart. Kitty was not actually lost because we knew where she most likely was, but kitty was missing in action.

P was surprisingly calm while we waited in line at the bank, only once reminding me that we needed to go find kitty. P was surprisingly calm on the drive back to Target, while I was anxiously praying that they hadn't moved the carts yet, that if someone had found kitty, they had turned him in, that I would not have to deal with a broken-hearted little girl.

Seeing our cart parked exactly where I had left it was the greatest relief. Finding kitty tucked in the bottom of the cart was fabulous. Seeing the smile on P's face when I tossed kitty into her arms was priceless.

And today, when she wanted to take kitty into IKEA, she thought twice . . . and then left him in the car.


April said...

Aww I"m so glad you found kitty.

kristenhcubed said...

I have one of those. Olivia has lost two toys in two different stores in the last week. Luckily they were just McDonald's happy meal toys and not particularly valuable but she keeps talking about how her dolly (polly pocket) is in the sky. Aparantly, to her, a lost toy is a dead toy.

ali said...

Whew! I was getting nervous there for a minute that ikitty was going to be lost for good!

Smart girl for choosing to keep kitty in the car, safe, the next time!