Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rock Band

Dear Makers of Rock Band

Santa left Rock Band Special Edition for our family this year. The entire family has had a great time playing - especially my oldest, the budding rock star - no really he's good on a real guitar too.

Anyway, while the rock star in the family loves the great guitar tracks even though he doesn't really know any of the songs, the rest of the family is thinking we'd enjoy this even more if we were better aquainted with the songs - particullaly when trying to sing.

So I've put together a request list.

For the younger set (think preschool) - My youngest would get a 100% on every song if you checked out the Backyardigans catalogue of songs. My oldest probably wouldn't mind playing backup for her vocals either since the Backyardigans encompass a variety of styles.

For the elementary school crowd - Jonas, Hannah, Miley, Disney Movies - I know you would probably have issues working with Disney, but I'm sure you could find a way to work it out.

For the parents - I'd love something a little less "rock" a little more pop. I admit it freely - I like Elton John and Billy Joel. And my husband would like anything released in 1985.

For the older crowd - how 'bout the roots of rock, a little Elvis, early Beatles, something for the rockin' Seniors in our lives.

Thanks bunches.

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