Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Bits

* Second fastest way to get your kid seen in the ER - severe headache. 30 minutes after our arrival we were ushered to a room, when it looked like some families had been waiting for hours. Less than 20 minutes later they were giving her a CAT scan and we were on our way home before we'd been there 2 hours. Diagnosis: Acute Sinusitis. Treatment: 14 days of the nastiest tasting antibiotic out there.

* Marshall Karp wrote to me!! A few weeks ago I commented on a post on his blog. He read my comment and then responded. And he checked out my blog. The last post in which I talked about his books. How cool is that? I am, however, a bit embarrassed that there were several typos/mistakes in that post.

*J recently went through a bit of separation anxiety - clinging, crying, running after the car when I left. So when he was still asleep when I left for work one day last week, I was prepared to receive a tearful phone call from him. Sure enough, he called when I was half way to work. But instead of the tearful "love ya, miss ya, why didn't you wake me before you left, I didn't get to hug you" I was expecting I got, "When is it my turn on the computer?" I guess we are through with that phase.

* Friday when M couldn't move with the pain in her head causing her to scream, I jokingly asked her if she felt like she was dying. Her reply, "That would be better than this."

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Swistle said...

One of my friends who gets pregnancy nausea calls it "wishing an anvil would fall on your head."