Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolution, the First

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I read a book, and it's great and I love it, but a month later you can ask me about it and I can't really tell you much about the book, but I do know it was good and well . . . I've always just written it off to the fact that I read so many books that the details fade. The up side is that I can often reread a book with only a mild sense of deja vu.

A few nights ago, the Hubby and I were discussing the works of one of our favorite authors, Dean Koontz. We were trying to remember which book was the one with the blob under the city and I couldn't figure out which book had the people that became connected to computers, and whether Mr. Murder was a bad as I thought or as good as he thought.

So resolution the first is to reread the works of Dean Koontz (without buying the ones I don't already own, because if I don't like them, why own them -- library here I come, I hope I don't have a fine I've forgotten about). I will also reread the works of Stuart Woods, starting from the beginning, to determine if I've attributed better writing to him or whether it's always been a bit iffy.

There are a few of Koontz's books I will not have to reread because I know whether I like them or not. So here's a quick review of the best and the worst, in my opinion, of Dean Koontz.

Lighting - Possibly the best Koontz book ever. Always the one I recommend to friends that have never read Koontz. Time travel, Germans, love - what's not to love.

Watchers - Tied for best book ever by Koontz. Read this one second.

The Mask - Not one of my favorites. The first time I read it I was okay with it, but the second time I read it, it really freaked me out.

Intensity - My least favorite Koontz book. In fact I never made it past the first few chapters. Koontz started by getting you to really be invested in a character (he's good, it doesn't take long to get you to like a character) and then he killed her off, graphically. My mother, who had already read it, said it didn't change much after that, so I didn't waste my time.

All of the newer books are good - The Face, The Taking, The Husband, The Good Guy, The Darkest Evening of the Year, Life Expect ency, By the Light of the Moon, One Door Away From Heaven, From the Corner of His Eye, Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd, Odd Hours (although this last one felt more like a intro to the next book in the Odd series rather a a stand alone book), Fear Nothing and Seize the Night.

I'll give you my take on each as I read them beginning with Dragon Tears (because I have that one).

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