Friday, February 13, 2009


In this house we have several places with three light switches. Next to the bed - reading light, main light, fan. In the bathroom - main light, shower light, fan. By the garage - outdoor light, garage light, hall light. In most cases, the person who wired the switches didn't put much thought into which switch worked what, so the use of the switches is not intuitive. For example, the shower light is wired to the switch closet to the door, the main light is the center switch and the fan is closet to the shower.

Since the day we moved in we (okay, maybe mainly me) have been bothered by these switches. In most cases, I still flip the wrong switch when trying to turn on lights even though we lived here for almost four years. (Yes, I know, it is not difficult to switch the wires, but take a look around you own home and see what you've been living with even though it's an easy fix.)

Finally, the Husband began working on correcting these wiring errors. He started with the bathroom switch. Finally the bank of switches is wired in a manner that is intuitive and logical.

And finally my brain completed the wiring necessary to remember which switch turns on which light . . . only a few weeks too late.

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