Monday, April 6, 2009

Into the Woods

On Saturday while M and I where at Market Day, the Husband and the other kids decided to clear a path to the creek that runs beside our house. To this point the house rule has been DO NOT GO INTO THE TREES, DO NOT GO DOWN TO THE WATER. However the Husband decided that this need no longer be the rule and set to making a way for our kids to venture to the water.

Which they did for a while until screams and pounding feet alerted us to an apparent tragedy.

TICK!!! On J's neck," they screamed as they scrambled into the house.

Not to worry. I have completed the Boy Scout First Aid Merit Badge. I know what to do with a tick.

"Credit Card." I demanded. I tried to push the tick out by scraping it with the edge of a credit card. Didn't work. Okay, maybe I'm confused. Maybe the credit card was for bee stings and slivers. On to tweezers, but don't squeeze too hard, pull firmly, but gently . . . okay not working . . . and I'm starting to hyperventilate and get all squeamish.

The husband completed the tick removal and sealed the tick in a plastic bag to be placed in the freezer, just in case we need to have it tested later, while I began searching the other kids for ticks and throwing them into showers and clothing into the laundry.

C calmly waited for his turn in the shower, only to return un-showered with a TICK!!! on his hip. I tried to be the brave mom again, but failed and let The Husband remove the second tick of the day.

J and E have vowed to stay out of the woods for a week. They aren't even going to play outside.

Fine by me, because the previous rule has been reinstated. DO NOT GO INTO THE TREES . . . unless you are wearing a thick layer of bug spray.

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