Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Note to Self

Next time the kids make the really good stapler disappear because they have broken it but don't want to fess up because they know they will be in trouble because they shouldn't have been playing with it in the first place and then you have to buy a new stapler so the kids can complete their projects at home and not have to ask a teacher to borrow the stapler minutes before the project is complete . . .
. . . don't just buy a cheap stapler because you are sure the really good stapler will turn up any day, when really you know that "any day" will be the day you move and that the good stapler is most likely broken, spend some money and get another REALLY good stapler so that you don't find yourself cussing the cheap stapler and blogging about it.

1 comment:

kristenhcubed said...

You should correct that to read "Buy a good stapler and a locking cabinet".