Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear Doctor -

I was pleased to see you, rather than the nurse practitioner again, this morning. Although having a sick child is never pleasant, knowing that I will not have to wait forever in the waiting room at your office is one of the main reasons I love your practice. What mother wouldn't love leaving the pediatricians at 9:52 am from a 9:30 am appointment?

However, I am a bit disappointed that it took you (or your staff) 45 minutes to fax my daughter's prescription to the pharmacy. I understand that you have a new nifty computer thingy that allows you to fax my prescription directly to the pharmacy and that it is paperless and so much easier, but if you don't bring it into the room with you how can it help me. When I leave your office with a child who needs a prescription I am headed directly to the pharmacy. If you won't give me a written prescription, please do me the courtesy of faxing my prescription over immediately, preferably before I leave the building (which you could do if you brought your nifty computer thingy in the room with you) so that I don't have to wait 45 minutes at the pharmacy only to be told they still have not received the fax and it will be at least another hour before it's ready even if it came right this very second.

Thanks bunches


April said...

Umm yeah my dr. has the very same thing and I have never been to the pharmacy yet when it's been there and ready. I'm always waiting for it to be faxed.

The Schaefer's said...

I don't understand why they think it's better to fax it. As a former pharm. tech., phone calls work a MILLION times better. Sorry you had to wait so long, Mere.